What are the goals of our campaign?

  1. To regulate the beauty and cosmetics industry
  2. Eliminate the Gridlock between the Political Parties in Washington
  3. Return the Power of Government to the People
  4. Provide Full Employment for All Eligible American Citizens

How do we plan to accomplish these goals?

By ensuring that the following takes place:

  1. Unity
  2. Accountability
  3. Economic Growth

The Skin Moisturizer Industry

Our campaign aims to bring regulation to the beauty product industry.

Creams are commonly billed as hypoallergenic or “allergy tested” despite the fact that there’s no government standard for making such a claim, so any product can unsubstantiated claims. Some products use words in an attempt to confuse customers or to give the impression that they are better than they actually are.

beauty cosmetics and face cream

Some claim to be noncomedogenic which is an excellent word that implies they won’t cause acne, yet that’s not claiming much: virtually all moisturizers on the marketplace today utilize active ingredients that are noncomedogenic. While there are many reasons to moisturize your skin, the benefits from these creams are often exaggerated.

Another example is how in the majority of situations, vitamins mentioned as being in creams and moisturizers are for marketing purposes, as the quantities utilized are so tiny that they have little to no result. Often these vitamins degrade with exposure to light or oxygen.

The reality is that regardless of the long listings of ingredients and the pseudoscientific hokum, all creams aid with completely dry skin for a rather basic factor: they provide a little of water to the skin and consist of a greasy substance that holds it in.

There are benefits of moisturizing your face but dry skin on its own isn’t a clinical worry. Although major cases can result in fractures and also fissures that invite infection and inflammation. Yet, the prices of such items can easily get into the hundreds of dollars for just a small jar.

hand moisturizer

They are offered as moisturizers, which even more of an advertising term than a medical or clinical one. Advertisements for creams make use of models and photoshopping to display results that are simply unachievable for the everyday person.

Certainly, everyday skincare is a realm where there’s little science to be located. Well-controlled studies of active ingredients are quite rate. Companies maintain details concerning ingredients but have small disclaimers to restrict claims of what the products do to stay within FDA policies.