I believe that:

  1. The final decision about an abortion should be made by the primary stakeholders (the mother and the father of the unborn child in the case of independent adults, and the mother, father and parents in the case of dependent children), after receiving the proper counseling about the options available to save the unborn child.  
  2. The father of the unborn child should be included in the decision-making process, because he will be responsible for participating in the long-term care and training of the unborn child, except in the case of rape, incest, or some other negative factor.
  3. The primary role of government and support groups should be to help resolve disputes between the stakeholders; to help identify viable alternative solutions for the unborn child to avoid an abortion; and to promote Universal Principles to greatly reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies.
  4. Abortions should not be used as a tool for birth control. 

Click on this, Abortion, link to access a PDF file that provides a detailed discussion of this issue.

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