Accountability in our National Budgetary Process

If elected, I will propose that:

  1. Congress work with the Executive Branch to establish a zero-based budgeting system, where all receipts, disbursements, assets, and liabilities are accounted for in all government operations.
  2. Congress work with the Executive Branch to break down government operations into sixteen (16) budgetary sections, and that each budgetary section be assigned to a standing congressional committee for oversight and funding purposes.
  3. The Congressional oversight/funding committees continue to work with the Executive Branch throughout the budget year to secure the funds needed to implement the budget plan.
  4. To provide more competitive choices for the consumer when selecting an Obamacare insurance plan, separate the nation into three regions based on the Cost of Living Health Indexes, and provide incentives for insurers to provide health insurance services to all the states in each region at premiums that are adjusted annually to the average Cost of Living Health Index in that region.

Click on this, Accountability in our National Budgetary Process, link to access a PDF file that provides a detailed discussion of this issue.

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