Foreign Policy

America should establish foreign policies that grow out of the same Universal Principles that should drive our national policies.  We should work with other countries as trading partners in selling raw materials, products and expertise to help them develop to become better customers for our industries; and purchasing raw materials, products and expertise from their industries for those areas where we have deficiencies in resources for our country. 

Work with other countries to back up their monetary systems with their natural resources, raw materials, and other capital resources (solid rocks), rather than the credit worthiness of the countries (shifting sand), so that we can build trade relationships that will provide economic benefits for our country as well as the other countries involved.

Work with other countries to develop a system that will allow the currency of countries to be used as a medium of exchange, rather than a commodity, with the goal of establishing a worldwide standard for evaluating the currencies, natural resources, raw materials, and other capital resources of all countries.

Eencourage all nations to develop a national database that continuously validates and updates the citizens inside their boarders, similar to the one recommended for America.  This would help to identify, track and apprehend terrorists who travel through several countries, and criminal suspects could be flagged and tracked by law enforcement worldwide.   

Foreign military strategies and tactics should be planned such that a concerted effort is made to protect the lives of innocent civilians and children as well as the lives of our soldiers.  This includes the use of weapons, equipment and tactics that will isolate and eliminate the military objectives of our enemies, while providing a protected safe area for innocent civilians and their families.  This could help solve the massive refugee problems and civilian casualties that come with most conflicts.  It could also leave a large contingent of civilians with the knowledge and incentive to negotiate for a peaceful and representative government after a conflict is over.  We should not use our military might to take the resources of other countries, as some have suggested, but instead, we should use our military to protect our nation and its citizens from those nations and individuals who consistently violate those Universal Principles that lead to peace, prosperity, and survival for everyone.

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